The Benefits of Owning a Watch Winder Box

There are many great benefits to be gained from owning an operating an automatic watch winder to keep your valuable timepiece working just the way you want.


They certainly look built to last and very aesthetically impressive, often finished off lavishly in a stained wood finish or leather covering - and they are most definitely sophisticated bits of gear when it comes to their inner workings.


A good quality watch winder will not come cheap - but, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for ... and most buyers of these superb devices will tell you it's a purchase they've never regretted for a second.

Let's take a look at a few of the main advantages of using a watch winder on a daily basis.


  • Eliminates risk of watch seizing up when not in use. There are many delicate and intricate little cogs, springs and levers inside an automatic watch - therefore keeping it running in a watch winder unit encourages the device to self-lubricate, thereby helping to ensure a lengthy lifespan of the timepiece. If an automatic watch is left unwound for a period of time there is a serious risk that the internal lubricants my stop flowing and congeal due to inactivity.


  • Allows collectors to keep their watches in full working order, bearing in mind it is impossible to wear them all the time. Winders do a wonderful job of keeping your watch in pristine condition in a sealed unit which prevents dust and other particles getting into the workings of your timepiece when it is not in use.


  • Ideal storage solution - much better than having a valuable automatic watch, or collection of them, lying around in a drawer or other less suitable setting. Your watches will be fully protected in the cushioned setting of a watch winder unit, meaning there is no risk of scratching or damage.


  • Some automatic watches come with multi-calendar features - even the phases of the moon - so a winder is a great device for letting you keep all your complex settings in place, rather than having to reconfigure them all again from scratch when a watch has wound down completely and stopped.


  • Owning a watch winder has the potential to save you money - keeping it running in a winder box means you will be less likely to be required to fork out for expensive repairs.


  • Finally ... an obvious benefit is that, simply put, these tastefully-designed little devices look great and are a joy to have in your home - it's almost like owning a dedicated safety-proof jewellery box or plush storage unit, purely for your prized automatic watch or collection of them.