Triple and Quad Watch Winders

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a triple of quad watch winder box for keeping your automatic timepieces in tip top working condition.


We bring you an impressive selection of winder boxes which are tailor-made to accommodate three or four watches. Prices range from around £80 for a cheap device to more than £2,000 for a deluxe watch winder, packed with state-of-the-art features.


Among the leading brand names featured here are Dulwich Designs, LDRAGON, CHIYODA, Wolf Designs, Orbita and JQUEEN.



The watch winder boxes featured here are perfect for anyone who owns three or four automatic timepieces. These boxes have been built to the highest standards and comprise top quality quiet motors to ensure your watches are kept fully wound with minimal or no noise.


Boxes with a capacity for three or four watches are also a sensible investment for anyone who owns one or two automatic watches and is considering adding to their collection in the future. There's no better method than using a watch winder to keep your timepieces running smoothly when the are not being worn daily.


Most feature a modern touch control LCD screen for setting the rate and direction of rotation for each watch which has been attached to a cuff on a turntable in the unit.


These beautiful mini furniture items, which are similar in appearance to jewellery boxes, are available in various materials, with the wooden variety being among the most popular and stylish.


A watch winder really is a smart choice for any collector of automatic watches who chooses to wear one of their timepieces on special occasions only, or even not at all.


Automatic watches utilise the kinetic energy created through natural arm movement, unlike battery-powered or manually-wound watches. Hence, if you are not wearing them regularly they will eventually stop operating - that's when a watch winder comes into its own to ensure these classic timepieces are kept fully wound.


Some automatic watches are very expensive - including those made by world famous names such as Rolex, Visconti, Armand, Tag Heuer, Montblanc, Snyper, Cartier, Tissot and Omega - so they can prove to be valuable investments for the future, as well as a huge source of pride for their owners.