Single Watch Winders

If you are the proud owner of a single automatic watch there are plenty of excellent quality winder boxes available to keep your timepiece running when you are not wearing it.


You'll find many stylish and dependable watch winders here from a variety of reputable brand names including Time Tutelary, Wolf, AXIS, Orbita, Klarstein Cannes, CKB Ltd, JQUEEN, Barrington, Versa and Excelvan.


Single head watch winders range in price from around £30 for a cheap device to more than £300 for a top-of-the-range box, with a range of impressive built-in features.


If you are considering buying additional timepieces in the future or already own more than one automatic watch, you may be interesting in purchasing a multiple watch winder box.



There are dozens of stylish single watch winders available to buy, in a range of impressive designs and materials - these wonderful little devices are just the job when it comes to keeping your watch mechanism moving constantly to ensure it continues to operate efficiently.


The more expensive boxes are very sophisticated and  have been manufactured to the highest standards of workmanship. You'll find a range of different features on-board these winding units, such as pre-programmed rotation, adjustable cuffs, multi-speed rotary control, watch storage drawers, bi-directional rotation, ultra low noise motors and flexible pillows.


The boxes are tastefully finished in various materials including leather, plastic, velvet and numerous types of wood such as maple, oak, teak, walnut, beech and mahogany. Various colours are available including white, brown, piano black, grey, pink, silver, gold, green and blue.


If you want to keep an automatic watch in prime functioning condition, it’s wise to keep the mechanism movements on-going, either by wearing it often, or by buying an automatic watch winder to keep it going for you.


A watch winder does a brilliant job of copying the arm movements you make when wearing an automatic watch. You simply attach your watch securely to the cuff in the device and switch the unit on - your watch will then start to rotate continuously, ensuring it is kept fully wound until the next time you choose to wear it.