Multiple Watch Winders

These lovely winder boxes are targeted at dedicated automatic watch collectors who are committed to keeping their valuable timepieces in perfect working condition.


Multiple winding devices can cater for numerous watches, with the largest boxes capable of keeping more than a dozen timepieces fully wound.


A top quality multi-motor box will serve you well for years, operating quietly and efficiently to maintain your charming timepieces at optimum levels of performance. Read more below about the benefits of owning a multiple watch winder.



These immaculate high-tech devices have several rotating turntables, one for each automatic watch you wish to wind up.


You simply attach a watch to the cuff pillow in the turntable before turning the device on. Some winder boxes have adjustable pillows which can be increased or decreased in circumference to provide a snug fit for any watch strap or bracelet.


As with any watch winders, the multiple head boxes are very easy to operate, although the more expensive models with additional features may take a little bit longer to program the required settings.


When the watches have been placed in position and the winder box has been powered up, you need to select the required TPD (Turns Per Day) setting on the LCD screen for each watch. Then you need to set the direction of rotation - clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional.


A good quality multi-watch winder unit will allow you to set the length of time you wish your timepieces to rotate, interspersed with some periods of rest to mimic the natural movements of the human arm.


Most multiple winders have see-through glass windows to allow you to monitor the winding process. Several of them also have drawers at the front of the device for storing other watches and accessories.


Some of the cheaper watch winder boxes available to buy have a plastic or felt finish on the interior of the box, so it is best to spend a bit extra for the plush velvet finish found on deluxe winder boxes.


A remote control is a nice little extra that comes with some multiple watch winders. This is useful for adjusting the settings, turning on the internal light or powered the unit on or off from a distance.


If you own heavy automatic watches you need to give careful consideration to the quality of the motors in any multiple winder box you are considering buying.


Some cheaper boxes may not be up to the task of coping with the heavier type of automatic men's watches and there's a risk their inferior quality motors could potentially burn out.


These winder boxes are available in a range of materials and styles so there's something to appeal to all tastes. The wooden boxes, polished with multi layers of piano lacquer are particularly impressive, with a lovely wood grain finish.


Some boxes also have impressive lighting features which tastefully light up the interior of the units to really highlight the elegance of the watches while they are rotating.


We feature several multiple watch winding boxes which can accommodate six, eight, 10, 12 or even more automatic timepieces. Leading brand names include Beco, LWBAN, Royal Modalo, Ferocase, AUBLAN and Rapport Formula.