Double Watch Winder Boxes

If you are the proud owner of two automatic watches and want to ensure they are running smoothly all-year round, it's time to buy yourself an elegant winder box - at the double!


We feature dozens of twin watch winder boxes which are the ideal solution for keeping your timepieces running smoothly and fully protected when not in use.


Double watch winders range from around £20, for a cheap and basic unit, to more than £300 for a deluxe device. Among the leading brand names featured here are CKB Ltd, AUBLAN, Uten, JQUEEN, DENO, Wolf Designs and SHISHANG.



It's definitely worth investing in a double watch winder if you want peace of mind when it comes to keeping your exquisite automatic timepieces ticking over nicely throughout the year.


Many twin watch winders come with a range of impressive on-board features including temperature control, adjustable TPD (Turns Per Day), super quiet Japanese motors, sleep phase intermittent rotation, anti-static protection and bi-directional winding.


The cases of these beautiful boxes are made from a variety of materials including glass, aluminium, wood and plastic. Stylish wooden finishes include ebony grain, teak, oak, mahogany, and deluxe black piano.


A digital watch winder box will do a superb job when it comes to ensuring your automatic timepieces are protected from grease and grime when you are not wearing them.


It's wise to buy a device with the quietest and best quality motor you can afford as inferior motors in cheap winder boxes can sometimes create undesirable excess stress on the mechanisms of some automatic watches.


An automatic watch is dependant on wrist movement to keep it running so, when you are not wearing it for a period of time, it will soon run down and stop working. If your watch has several calendar features, all your setting will be lost and you will need to re-input them again. A watch winder prevents you needing to do this laborious task.


Some double watch winders feature a slide-out drawer below the two winding heads - this is ideal storage solution for additional watches or extra straps, bracelets, cleaning cloths and other timepiece accessories.


The cuffs or pillows on most winder boxes are wide enough to easily accommodate most women's watches and extra large men's watches.


Several twin winder devices are dual-powered, meaning they can operate by mains or batteries. The battery option is great for anyone who wants to take their winder box away on holiday or business.


The interior and exteriors of these boxes really exude quality and style - they are effectively charming little items of furniture. Those which feature silent motors are ideal for operating in your bedroom at night, with no risk of you being distracted from your sleep by noise.


If you are searching around for the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a friend or relative who owns an automatic watch, look no further than one of these delightful little winder boxes.


If you own more than two automatic timepieces, you should be able to find a device that appeals in our range of multiple watch winder boxes.