Display Storage Boxes & Travel Cases for Watches

A watch storage box is an essential purchase for displaying your valuable timepieces and keeping them protected from damage when you are not wearing them.


Watch fanatics will spend considerable sums of money building up their collections of watches so it makes sense to buy storage boxes or cases which can do these beautiful timepieces justice and keep them safe and protected from dust, dirt and grime.


Elegant boxes are available in various sizes and materials including wood, tempered glass, aluminium, chrome, plastic and leather. Prices start at around £10 for a basic storage box.


We also feature top quality rolls and travel cases at shopping giant Amazon for keeping watches safe and secure when you are away from home on holiday or business.



Stylish storage boxes are must-have accessories for anyone who owns two or more top quality watches. If you want to ensure they are protected from dirt or damage, then you should definitely consider buying a storage box.


Storage boxes for automatic, chronograph, quartz or mechanical watches are available in many different shapes and sizes, catering for anything from two to 20 timepieces. They feature soft cuffs or pillows for attaching each watch to.


A storage box or case will offer excellent protection for men's or women's watches and will allow them to be displayed to perfection, making your collection of prized timepieces look truly wonderful.


Some luxury wooden storage boxes also have a glass lid for easy viewing and handy slide-out drawers for storing additional watches and many have a secure safe-like locking system.


Wooden watch storage boxes look particularly impressive and are available in various types of wood including mahogany, ebony, teak, beech, cherry and walnut. Oak boxes are extremely classy and sophisticated and ooze vintage charm.


Real leather or faux leather is another popular choice of finish for these stylish display boxes. Many colours are available including brown, cream, black, white, grey, green, red and blue.


It's worth spending as much as you can afford on a watch box to ensure you are buying an accessory which will be manufactured to the highest standard and one which will serve you faithfully for years.


Inferior quality storage boxes will not stand the test of time and may have undesirable elements such as cardboard or chipboard watch separators which will not be anywhere near as sturdy and reliable as those made of solid wood.


If you buy a watch storage unit which has drawers, you will need to ensure they are made to a decent standard and slide out easily. It is also a bonus if the felt or velvet cuffs on a box are adjustable to accommodate various sizes of watch strap or bracelet.


We also feature several watch rolls and travel cases for protecting your timepieces when you travelling away from home.


Travel cases or boxes come in a huge range of styles, sizes, colours and materials, some there is something to meet the needs of any avid watch collector who wants to take their timepieces on holiday, business or any other scenario where you are away from home.


Single travel cases, made of faux or real leather, are a popular choice but there are also some top quality products to hold two, four, eight or more watches. A cheap travel case will cost around £10 to £20 but you can expect to pay quite a bit more for a luxury case made of deluxe quality materials.


A watch roll enables you to place several watches side by side in separate soft and safe compartments or pockets. Then you simply roll up the case and fasten it, ensuring you timepieces are secure and protected.


These plush rolls are available in various materials including Italian leather, velvet, suede and canvas. Some also feature an additional pocket to hold watch accessories such as spring bars, straps and a strap-changing device. A hard-sided watch roll will hold fewer watches, but it will offer added protection when it comes to keeping your timepieces secure.


Popular brand names for storage boxes and travel cases include Beco, Autoark, Amzdeal, Hoomall, La Royale, PIXNOR, Feibrand, ZOGIN, Axis Watches, Mele & Co, SONGMICS, Case Elegance and Ohuhu.